Welcome to our blog!

This blog is designed to help connect all of our friends and family to show our support to Robert. We appreciate all that everyone has done and continues to do!

Karen G.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog!”

  1. Howard Rogillio said:

    I heard today that Robert is in New Orleans getting his new lungs? Great news! My prayers are for a successful procedure!

  2. Kevin and Michelle Merchant said:

    Praying for a miracle.!!!!

  3. I have so many memories of your family. ..ones I wouldn’t trade for any other thing. My heart is heavy for you all, the Lord had plans that we, at times, can’t understand, this is one for me. I love you dearly and would help in any way possible. Please let me know where I can until then ill pray and donate. Love you and your family! ♡

  4. Robert and I went to New Orleans on 7-18-03, for his check up. Every three months they will be testing him to see how much the disease has progressed. Blood work is done each time, his most dreaded part of the visit. Our Pastor has tried to teach him to be a screamer. He said, if he would go in and right off the bat tell them that he is a screamer that they would be much easier at poking him with that, you know, NEEDLE… But he hasn’t done that yet. But all blood work came back unchanged. Praise God! His pulmonary function test were the same. Again praise God! His six minute walk had actually improved slightly. So those workouts three days a week have really helped. Even though they zap him for the remainder of the day. I have told his therapist “Ty” they were going to have to stop working him so hard. Because I can’t get ANY work out of him when they get finished with him.
    So all that said Robert is doing great. Now all we have to do is be still and wait on the Lord. Please continue your prayers.

    Believing in a miracle,

  5. Becky & Pete Lowe said:

    Robert & Karen!
    It has been an honor to be able to say you are our friends! We have watched each others children grow and raise their own families, we have been there through many trials for each other….. So this one will be no different!!! We serve a mighty god and his grace is abundant!!! We will not lie down for he has given us all we need to fight!! So fight with all your might, trust him with everything while pressing forward!!! And I mean press, do not look back just press and fight and run forward for he is waiting on the victors side!!! With so much love….

    • Becky & Pete,
      I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your bog. I am just learning how to get around in and use this website. Your words were very encouraging. We both know with the support from friends and family and the strength of the Lord anything is possible. We continue to believe for a miricle. And place our faith in him while we wait on him. We know it will all be done in his time. Until then we are catching up on some much needed porch time together.
      With Love,

  6. Nona Lee Ledford said:

    My first time to the website and to this blog, Karen and Robert. I love the picture above as it speaks to me of your lives together…Robert was never a horseman without you, Karen. 🙂 Remember that we love you both and will walk beside you through all of this journey. Much love, Nona Lee

    • Nona,
      Was great to hear from you. I am learning how to use the new website so I am slow in my response. I know it is hard to believe Robert as a horseman. But he actually has a lot of horse knowledge. Even though he doesn’t ride very often. I have been so blessed to have him in my life. He supports me in everything I do, I couldn’t ask for a better man. He is very strong and this disease will not conquer him. He has a lot of business to take care of for the Lord.
      Love you,

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