Shaking uncontrollably

      To begin this post I would like to thank God for all that he does for us.  We are such blessed people.  We have the best family, friends, and church family a person could ask for.  Without your support, prayers and always willingness to help us, we could not do the task in front of us.  So thankful that God has placed you  before us.

     Well I went to work on Wednesday to help the dental office that I occasionally work for because they were short-handed.  I haven’t been doing this since Robert has went on the transplant list nine months ago incase he needed me.  WELL, I get in my car to head home after work, checked my phone and he had left me a message to call him soon as I got the message.  So I call and he says; don’t speed home, but come straight home I am running a fever.  And 20 minutes ago I was shaking uncontrollably. My response was, I will be right there.  He sounded a sigh of relief, and I was on my way and yes I did speed. 

  I arrived home, came in the door calling his name.  I found him on the couch all snuggled down in two coats and a blanket.  I took his temperture. It said 103.  This was after taking 2 tylenol a hour before.  So I knew then it had been higher.  No wonder he was shaking so much.

  I told him I had to call Ochsners.  He frowned at that.  I had to have some direction.  The on call doctor said I could give him advil rotated with tylenol.  They had taken him off advill a few months ago.  We did this every four hours through the night.  Each time it was due he had began to get fever.  But by doing this we kept his fever down.  I also e-mailed his doctor who later called us.  She was very concerned and ask us to come in to have some test done, as well as CT scan.  We hope to have the results by Monday. 

      For those of you who have not checked into this dreaded disease, A sickness like this can send it spiraling out of control.  He can be doing great one day and near death the next.  That is why its so important to try and keep him well.

     Dr. McAnnally released us to go home.  This made our day.  So we headed right back home.  Thanks for all the prayers.  We love you all so much.  I will let you know soon as I know the results to all these test.


                                                                     Believing in a Miracle,


Roberts three month check-up on Oct.23, 2013

We went to New Orleans for Roberts three month check-up. And the first question he ask when one of the Doctors places a stethoscope to his back to listen to his lungs is, well do you hear any crackling? It sounds like rice crispys crackling. Their answer this time was yes, we still hear it. But this is the best part and I never get tired of hearing it; Well one day when I come in here and you listen you will not hear that sound. That just makes me smile and thank God to listen to my husband have such faith in our LORD. Because we both know that one day he is going to heal Robert. We just know it!
This visit to Ochsners was not too bad. No sticks this time, his most dreaded part. The disease had not spread much at all. We are still on go for the lung transplant, unless of course God heals him before that. We are nearing the top of the list. Which gives both of us a little anxiety. Dr. McAnnally one of Roberts doctors has been the best ever. She has taken the time to make sure that Robert and I fully understand everything about IPF and the transplant itself. She has never rushed us in or out. She even gave us a tour of the transplant floor where we will be spending a lot of time post surgery. This tour really made Robert feel more comfortable. Meeting nurses and staff that promised to take good care of him. God is good all the time.
Robert also got his flu shot, now Kloee and I have to get ours. We must keep him well. This will keep him strong and ready for surgery.
Anyone with questions about the disease or how Robert is feeling please don’t hesitate to give him a call.

Believing in a miracle,

Robert has to see a ENT doctor

After complaining to his transplant doctors about a on going pain in his throat, starting back soon after his biopsy, they decided he needed to have a test called flexible larymgoscopy. This test revealed a ulcer in his throat next to his vocal cords that was very irritated.  Caused by his initial scope. He was placed on a antibiotic and a few other meds.  But due to this if a lung would come in he would be passed over.  So please pray for a speedy recovery.  He will be checked on Tue.  if all is well he will be on the road to getting that perfect gift.  In the mean time we will continue to wait on the Lord for his healing.  Wish all doctors would just listen to their patients when they give discriptions and concerns. We know our own bodies better than they do.

Praying for a miracle,